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Where to go scuba diving in Key Largo

Due to the availability of numerous diving and snorkeling spots in Key Largo, the city is known as the Diving Capital of the world. First of all, here are some great sites for divers and snorkelers

List of Diving Spots:

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park: This center offers one of the best diving spots in the world. In fact, it is one of the best America’s undersea preserve. It offers enough depth for professional divers and several underwater creatures living in their natural habitats.

Diving companies:

Some of the companies that provide diving services in Key Largo have been listed below. Some of them also sell a wide variety of diving equipment.

1.Rainbow Reef Dive Center(305) 451-7171
2. Keys Diver(305) 451-1177
3. Sea Dwellers Dive Center(305) 451-3640
4. Ocean Divers (800) 451-1113
5.PADI 5 Star Gold Palm Facility(305) 451 – 6322

Speigel Grove:

This is an artificial reef but it simulates a natural reef perfectly. In fact, it is said to be the largest artificial reef in the world. The water is about 130 feet deep and that is why it is meant for experienced divers. Even at that, it is never to be explored alone. You must go with an experienced diving instructor.

Bibb & Duane:

These are twin sites sitting close to each other so they are often visited together. Apart from offering deep waters for interesting dives, availability of several large barracudas is their other distinctive features.

Benwood Wreck:

This site is for newbies and intermediate divers because the water is not as deep as the diving sites mentioned above. The site also offers a 360-inch shipwreck, a fall out of World War II. The clear and visible water also makes the site an interesting diving spot.

The Elbow:

This is also known as Wreck Reef. Its water is for diving beginners since it is very shallow. This reef offers multiple shipwrecks and fishes like barracudas and moray eels. Its water is also crystal clear. That is why it is great for underwater photography.

Apart from the reefs and diving sites listed above, there are more sites in Key Largo and all of them are very attractive. When you visit the city, you will understand why it is referred to as the diving capital of the world.

Important Diving Tips:

You will come across a lot of fish but you are not allowed to feed them. This destroys their natural feeding habitats. Avoid hitting the bottom of the ocean as this prevents the growth of aquatic plant.

You will not be allowed to scuba dive or snorkel alone. You will be given an instructor that will guide you. He will give you some instructions before you take your dive. It is important that you adhere to every instruction.

All snorkelers must wear either a buoyancy control or snorkel vests. This makes it possible to adjust their gear without standing on the coral. Try as much as possible to avoid coming in contact with any sea creature or plant. Don’t touch the coral or stand on it to avoid damaging it.

Waves, strong winds, and poor visibility can reduce your diving fun so you need to consider the weather conditions before you go diving. Most importantly, it is against the law to harvest coral in Florida.