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Where to Go Snorkeling In Key West

Key West is home to the only living coral in America and the third-largest barrier reef across all oceans of the world. So, it is not a question of if you should go snorkeling in this wonderful location. Rather, it is about where to go snorkeling in Key West.

Whenever you visit this location, snorkeling should be a top priority. If anything, Key West is a National Marine Sanctuary with a barrier reef system that’s more than 220 miles long. You can only visit one section of the reef at a time depending on the weather conditions and your choice of trip. Here is where to go snorkeling in Key West:

1.Rock Key
2. Sand Key
3. Cottrell Key
4.Western Sambo
5Man Rock

1. Rock Key

This is one of the locations you are likely to witness lots of living coral and a variety of marine life. The coral cantons are teeming with lots of parrot fish, yellowtail snapper, blue tang, as well as the sergeant major. Here you can be sure of swimming with the fish, literally.

2. Sand Key

Even though one of the most protected spots along Florida Straits, this is one of the most popular snorkeling sites. It could all be due to the flat, calm conditions at this spot. Here, you will behold the Sand Key Lighthouse, an important landmark built back in 1853.

3. Cottrell Key

Cottrell Key exists as a detached system of coral reefs. If you are looking for where to go snorkeling in Key West when conditions along the main reef are rough, this is the best option. This spot features shallow waters with a seagrass-covered sandy bottom. Amidst the coral outcroppings, you should be able to spot stingrays, Goliath grouper, sharks or other bigger sea animals.

4. Western Sambo

Western Sambo stretches for nine nautical miles and is home to brightly-colored tropical fish, coral canyons, and clear water. Since it is further away from Key West, only a few vessels venture that far. Expect a wide range of snorkeling opportunities from this location.

5. Man Rock

If you are looking for where to go snorkeling in Key West, Man Rock is the best place. It is mainly a coral outcropping shaped in the form of a circle also described as a alo’ sitting on a sandy bottom. Most people visit this site during their Island Adventure. Here is a relaxing site where you can have a great adventure on your snorkeling tour.

Tips for Having a Successful Dive/Tip:

For you to be successful in your snorkeling tour of Key West, there are certain things you must do, including the following:

· Properly wear your mask. As a rule, the mask your fit well onto your face. Make sure it fits perfectly and holds in place without further pressure.

· Put on a pair of fins. These should fit properly but not too tight. Make sure you go for bigger fins, rather than the smaller ones.

· Learn to defog. This will ensure that you have a clear view of the underwater environment. So put some baby shampoo in your lenses and you are good to go.

· Breathe properly. You can only master underwater breathing by practicing it outside before taking a dip. This will ensure you do not bite the pipe.

· Learn your limitations. You don’t have to push your limits while snorkeling. You can only have relaxed snorkeling when you have a good understanding of water surge, currents, temperature, and visibility.

Now you know where to go snorkeling in Key West. With the tips provided here, you should be able to have a great trip.