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Scuba Diving, Night Diving, Lobster Hunting, Wreck Diving!

Shop hours 8:00 to 6:00

Daily Dive Trips are 8:00am-12pm or 1:00pm-5pm

Dive Duck Key is a clean and well maintained dive shop which is an important tip for finding the right Florida Keys dive shop to do business with. Our rental gear of scuba tanks, regulators, dive computers, and masks, fins, snorkel are inspected before each piece leaves the dive shop. Our dive staff is friendly and knowledgeable of everything relating to your dive or SNUBA® trip in the Florida Keys. Your safety is our number one priority and the priority of the whole boat, which makes for a great and relaxing trip out on the Florida Keys' water. You can rest assured that the Captain of the Seafari, owner Joe Hall, and the Crew of the Dive Duck Key will be informed about the weather, the visibility of the water, tides and currents, before the boat leaves the dock.

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Check in times are 8:00am or 1:00pm

Florida Keys Dive Duck Key trips and rental prices are listed below:

Scuba Trip - no gear $70.00
Trip - tanks, weights $85.00
Trip - tanks, weights, BC, regulator $105.00
Trip - full gear Summer (shorty or less) $120.00
Trip - full gear Winter (all the neoprene you want) $130.00
Night Dive - add an extra $20.00
Thunderbolt Wreck Dive, add an extra $20.00
Snorkel Trip includes all gear if needed $60.00
SNUBA® Trip - 1 location $150.00
SNUBA® Trip - 2 locations $225.00
Bubblewatcher $60.00
Dive Guide - 1st person $100.00
Dive Guide - each additional $50.00
Underwater Hunting Guide (spearfishing/lobster) $150.00

Your Florida Keys wreck dive is on the Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt wreck dive in the Florida Keys The Thunderbolt is approximately 5 miles southeast, offshore of Marathon, Fl. The Thunderbolt is a 188 foot long ship. It was purchased after it sank in the Miami harbor and in 1986 it was towed to its final resting place. This Florida Keys artificial wreck was prepared by removing the hatches and cables. The wreck is sitting upright in 120 feet of water. This majestic wreck is totally intact and full of all kinds of Florida Keys marine life.

 Due to the depth of the wreck, Dive Duck Key chooses to put a professional guide in the water to safely accompany you.  There are lines that lead you all the way to the wreck which also assists you when there’s current. If you’ve been to 100ft before we’d love you to join us in this exciting and beautiful dive.

Dive Duck Key also provides night diving in the Florida Keys. One and two site dives are available depending on the time of the year. Night diving is really fun because the reef comes alive! What you think is a rock when you see it during a daytime dive will actually move at night and be an animal. Night diving in the Florida Keys really opens a whole different sightseeing adventure for the scuba diver.

Spearfishing and Lobster Hunting!

Dive Duck Key allows lobstering at all sites that are outside the “No-Take Zones” during Lobster Season (August 6th-March 31st). If you’re experienced at lobstering please, bring your gear.  The Seafari has the licenses for everyone onboard. No need to purchase one separately.  Never been lobstering before?  Hire a private guide to help you bring home dinner.  It’s the Easter Egg hunt and the Eggs have Legs. We’re allowed to keep 6 lobsters per person per day.

Dive Duck Key allows their customers to use spearguns for hunting fish! We offer a specialty course that includes the use of spearguns. With this course, all the scuba diving equipment including the speargun, the divemaster guide, and the instruction on "how to hunt with a speargun" are included in the price of $475.00. This course gives the scuba diver 2 trips on the boat and you are accompanied with the divemaster guide. Upon completion of the hunting course you will receive a certification card from either PADI or NAUI.

If you are already an experienced scuba diver with speargun knowledge, Dive Duck Key will assist you with the legal fish species and size regulations of the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary. We will be diving outside of the Florida Keys "No Take Zone" for any spearfishing done on the Seafari. You do not need a fishing license; Dive Duck Key has already paid the necessary fees for our spearfishing guests.

We do not rent spearguns or lobstering equipment, but they will be provided to the scuba diver taking the specialty course. Spearguns and lobstering equipment are available for purchase at our shop.

Please note that deep dives, night dives, and wreck dives are specialty dives and are booked upon request. Call ahead to make these arrangements.

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(Rates subject to change without prior notice.)

Dive Duck Key

61 Hawks Cay Blvd.

Duck Key, Marathon, Florida 33050

mile marker 61, US 1

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