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Where To Go Scuba Diving in Marathon

A Guide on Where to go Scuba Diving in Marathon, Florida

Some of the most exciting things that you can do in Florida are scuba diving and snorkeling. Yes, these two water sports are very popular attractions to many who visit this part of the US. So if you are planning a trip to this destination and you are wondering Where to go scuba diving in Marathon Florida you are in the right place. Whether you want to explore iconic shipwrecks or for gigantic groupers or for colorful reefs full of life, Marathon Florida won’t disappoint you.
Here we give you some brief but insightful highlights to guide you through the trip. In doing this we give you some vital info covering the following:

• What are some of the most attractive scuba diving/snorkeling spots in Marathon, Florida?

• Which are some are of the leading tour companies that will take you out there?

• What crucial tips do you need to have a successful dive and trip in Marathon, Florida?

The Best Spots For Your Dive:

1) Sombrero Reef

This is a beautiful reef with pure sand and mind-blowing coral structures. It has an excellent depth of 6 to 26 feet making it an ideal spot for novices and advanced scuba divers and snorkelers. This reef teems with an array of marine life as well as a natural coral bridge measuring a whole 8 feet and dubbed the “The Arch”.

2) Thunderbolt Wreck

If you have advanced scuba diving and snorkeling skills then this is the must-go-to shipwreck in Marathon Florida. Why? With a depth of 75 to 125 feet, this shipwreck that sunk in 1986 still stands upright in 120 feet of ocean waters. The ship is quite long at 85 feet and this makes it possible for you to actually enter the hull.

3) Delta Shoal

Highlighted by some massive coral fingers this 6 to 25 feet deep delta is to the East of Sombrero lighthouse. Its depth makes it a great choice for novice divers and snorkelers too. Here too are two interesting shipwrecks namely the Ivory Coast Wreck and the Delta Shoal barge. You’ll find a reasonably good array of tropical fish as well as juvenile and adult fish in this area.

Tour Companies that Will Take You Out There:

This is a short list of some of the leading tour companies to take you out for your scuba diving / snorkeling activities in Marathon Fl.

1) Florida Keys Reel Adventures

By building custom trips this company caters to the needs of nearly everybody for all skills and interest levels.

2) Wheels-2-go Cocoa

Offering a wide range of activities to choose from which include diving snorkeling to visits to secret beaches and visit to the dolphins this is another great choice for anyone who wants to have a mixture of things to do in Marathon, Fl.

3) Captain Hooks Dive Shop and Boat Rentals

This company gives you the opportunity to charter your own boat for diving, dive instructions and snorkeling. Here you can hire air tanks and scuba equipment for all your needs.

Tips for Having a Successful Dive/Trip:

i) Plan in advance. In case you need the services of a credible and reliable tour operator or tour guide take due diligence as you look for one in the online directories.

ii) Know the risks that might be associated with the spot you intend to visit. For instance, there are no buoys at the Delta Shoal Barge this means you have to be careful of this coral reef and make sure you anchor only in the sandy sections of this reef.

iii) To avoid last-minute rushes make travel arrangements with the tour company that will take you out there.

iv) Remember to carry the necessary scuba diving and safety equipment along.

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