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Daily Dive Trips are 8:00am-12pm or 1:00pm-5pm

Dive Duck Key has several scuba diving lessons available in the Florida Keys and we can get you started on your dive adventure. We teach all classes from no-experience to divemaster. We currently certify PADI, NAUI, and Universal Referral Students. "Our goal at Dive Duck Key for you to leave your courses reliant on your ability...not fancy equipment. Unlike most facilities we do not encourage you to purchase gear prior to your course. We want you to use equipment in a practical setting. After you complete your course, you can choose gear that will work best for you. This is also why we include rental gear in all of our courses at no additional charge. If you're comparing prices with other facilities make sure you're comparing apples to apples.

PADI scuba instruction in the Florida KeysNAUI scuba diving instruction in the Florida Keys

Dive Experience is in the pool only, for years ages 8+. We use the Hawks Cay Resort's pool and our guests are able to put all the gear on and enjoy a very shallow introduction to the great sport of scuba diving. There's nothing to worry about while in the heated freshwater pool.  Even if you choose not to participate in the ocean this is a great activity to entertain you and your whole family. The price of this diving experience is $125.00.

Refresher Course - If you have not been scuba diving in the past 2 years, we require you to take a refresher course or hire a private guide. We all forget things. Getting back in the pool and reacquainting yourself with scuba gear and procedures is another way to enhance your dive time and safety. The price for a refresher course is $250.00.  This course includes all rental gear, class, pool, 2 tank boat trip.

Resort Course offered by Dive Duck Key allows participants age 10+ to try scuba diving in as little as one day. The resort course is not a certification. After a 3 hour introduction in the pool and classroom you will be able to do 2 dives (one boat trip) with one of our certified dive instructors. Dive Duck Key can complete this in one day, or split it into 2 days to fit your busy vacation schedule.  Total cost including all the gear you will need is $250.00. Jr. Resort Course (10 & 11 year olds) add $100.00.

Open Water Certification can be completed in as little as 2 full days and 2 half days provided that the academics are completed prior to arrival. The course consists of 3 half day pool sessions. One half day lecture and test session and 2 half day boat trips that need to be completed on 2 separate days. Our new scuba divers must be age 10 and up. We are licensed scuba diving instructors in the Florida Keys, with PADI and NAUI. Both of these organizations are recognized world wide and you can go scuba diving anywhere you want with one of these cards.  Dive Duck Key’s all inclusive price for certification is $550.00 and includes everything you’ll need to complete your course.  Some courses charge extra for books, boat trips, rental gear and registration.  Just wear your swimsuit and we’ll take care of the rest. Jr. Open Water (10 & 11 year olds) add $200.00.

Open Water Check Out Dives.  Let us complete your certification.  Bring your referral paperwork verifying that you’ve completed the pool and classroom portions of the Open Water Course.  We’ll take you to the reef to finish your open water skills.  This takes 2 half days. Dive Duck Key’s all inclusive price for open water check our dives is $375.00. This price does include all rental gear and registration.  Just bring your ability and your swimsuit.

Advanced Certification is a great way to enhance your Open Water Certification.  The course covers a scuba review, navigation, deep and night dive.  You can choose 2 other electives to complete the course.  This course takes 3 half day boat trips to finish.  Dive Duck Key’s all inclusive price for Advanced Certification is $475.00 and includes books, rentals, boat trips and registration.

Nitrox Certification  is another way to increase your safety while diving by decreasing your nitrogen absorption.  Nitrox is not for deep divers.  Everyone can benefit from taking a Nitrox class.  Feel tired after you dive?  Nitrox allows you to have more oxygen while you dive and seems to decrease diver fatigue. Complete your Nitrox class in one day.  One half day lecture followed by one  boat trip. Dive Duck Key’s all inclusive price for Nitrox Certification is $350.00 and includes books, rentals, nitrox fill, boat trip and registration fees.

Rescue Certification great for those headed towards their masterdiver/divemaster certifications.  Complete this course in one half day pool session, one half day confined water session, one boat session, and a lecture/test session.  In order to complete your rescue certification you must also be currently certified in CPR.  This is available but not included in the courseDive Duck Key’s all inclusive price for Rescue Certification is $475.00 and includes books, rentals, boat trips and registration.

Specialty Courses - A variety of specialty courses are available. Courses start at $350.00. The Underwater Hunting Certification course is $475.00.

(Rates subject to change without prior notice.)

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