Meet the Crew at Dive Duck Key

Welcome to our world of scuba diving in the Florida Keys, and meet the crew of Dive Duck Key!

Located at the Hawks Cay Resort, Duck Key, Florida Keys

First, meet Joe Hall. Joe grew up in Texas on a working cattle ranch where a passion Joe Hallfor all outdoor activities was developed. He has been a Captain since 2002 and a scuba instructor since 1998 with teaching experience in all recreational areas of skin and scuba diving. His experience also includes training students with the use of nitrox, rebreathers, decompression procedures, and the development of instructors. Joe has a great deal of appreciation for the underwater world and gains personal satisfaction in sharing it with others.

Jorge Rodriquez

Captain Jorge Rodriguez. A native Floridian, Captain Jorge Rodriguez has had the "Keys Disease" for a long time. During his time here he has held a wide variety of jobs, all of them revolving around boats and oceans. Big, small, motor, sail… if it floats, he will Captain it! His most recent boat of choice just happens to be the big yellow SEAFARI. We invite you to join Captain Jorge on one of our daily dive trips out to the beautiful coral reef!


Teaching scuba diving before some of us were even born, Jason Schwenke Jason Schwenke has spent the last decade in the Upper Keys teaching divers how to become PADI Scuba Instructors. He even certified one of our own! Ready to get back to simple pleasures, Jason has dedicated himself to providing divers with "firsts" here at Dive Duck Key… whether it's your first time diving our beautiful coral reefs, your first time hunting lobster and fish underwater, or your ultimate "first"- your very first breath underwater. He will make it a unique diving experience for you! There is no end to Jason's expertise- or to a conversation with him… ask him about careers in diving, hunting in upstate New York, hair conditioner, or Star Wars- he will have the answer. Come test the professor!

Kyle Thesieres was also born in Texas, although Kyle Thesiereshe grew up near Philly and occasionally misses being able to get an authentic Philly Cheesesteak whenever his stomach desires. He now dines on fresh fish sandwiches and Florida lobster instead. After years of freezing in the construction industry up north, he decided to trade in his hammer and pipe wrench for a fish collecting net and dive knife. He is toasty warm in the Keys! Before teaching diving with us, Kyle was a tropical fish collector for a company that specializes in catching all the large and rare marine species that other fish companies don’t mess with. If you have ever visited a public aquarium, you have probably seen a fish that Kyle and his company collected. We are very pleased to have Kyle (and his expertise on marine animals) as a member of our crew, and we encourage you to challenge him to help you identify some of the 1200 species we have inhabiting our beautiful coral reefs!

Wade Walton grew up in Louisville, KY Wade Waltonwhere he dreamed of one day living by the ocean. A hard worker even at a young age, he started his diving career by cleaning pool bottoms for extra cash. Before moving to the Florida Keys, he served his country as a proud soldier in the U.S. Army, his last tour being in Afghanistan. Since moving here, he has become a SCUBA instructor and we are excited to have him as part of our crew. Wade’s enthusiasm for diving and the Keys is contagious- I promise you will catch it diving with him here at Dive Duck Key!


Linda Maune is our "seasoned" seasonal instructor.Linda Maune She is the opposite of a snowbird… she likes to spend her winters in chilly Missouri, where she is from, and her summers down here in the Florida Keys with us! She taught Physical Education back home and still works as a volleyball and basketball referee to keep in shape during the year. With her background in teaching - guess what she likes to do best here? Of course teaching! But be warned - if the boat gets too quiet she'll start in with jokes - so save yourself...come prepared with your own!


Andi Kimbrell works as a Divemaster on the Seafari Andi Kimbrell when she isn't busy training sea lions and dolphins at her other job. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Andi moved to the Keys because her heart has always been with our sea critters. Her passion for marine life big and small is evident in all aspects of her life- from her two jobs to her living room decorations to her favorite conversation topics! Come ask Andi about her sea animals!


Matt Lawrence also jumps on the Seafari Matt Lawrenceto help out whenever he has time off from his marketing job at Hawks Cay Resort. Although his other job does require that he spend some time at a desk, he truly enjoys working with Hawks Cay guests at both jobs. We enjoy having him as our "weekend" crew as well- his energy level really amps our divers up for their adventures on our coral reefs!

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