Welcome to the wonderful world of scuba diving in the Florida Keys...

Why share the reefs when you can have your own?

Dive Duck Key is the only Dive Facility within a 10 mile radius. Dive our private paradise!

Shop hours: 8:00 to 6:00

Daily Dive Trips: 8:00am-12pm or 1:00pm-5pm

Dive Duck Key in the heart of the Florida Keys is a full service retail scuba diving shop. Our dive shop and dive boat, the Seafari, are located at the Hawks Cay Resort, Duck Key, Florida. We specialize in reef and wreck scuba diving in the Florida Keys. Hawks Cay Resort is oceanside, which allows us to get to our destination quickly for a great day of scuba diving in the middle Keys. The coral reef off Duck Key is as close as 3 miles from our dock.

Diving with our shop, Dive Duck Key, we can show you up to 30 different dive spots, located off Duck Key, mile marker 61, on the 180 mile chain of the Florida Keys' coral reef. The Florida Keys' coral reef is composed of thin plates or layers of calcium carbonate secreted over thousands of years by billions of tiny, soft-bodied animals called coral polyps. The reef is constantly growing new colonies of polyps on top of the skeletons of older ones. These coral formations can be seen just under the water's surface to deeper than we can dive recreationally.

Dive Duck Key has a long list of fun things to do while vacationing in the Florida Keys. We offer great scuba diving trips, resort courses, SNUBA®, and full scuba diving certification lessons. We rent all types of scuba gear - including tanks, regulator consoles, dive lights, weight belts, full/shorty wet suits, hoods, mask, prescription masks, fins, open heel fins with booties, snorkels - whatever you need to dive the Florida Keys. We also repair scuba diving equipment and we can fill your tanks with air, and have nitrox tanks available for rental. Dive Duck Key has a large inventory of scuba and snorkel retail items. Plus, our T-shirts are great; pirates, scuba dive and snorkel scenes, and of course, sharks!

Please note that the Florida Keys is not known for incidents of sharks harming people.  Shark Week has our kids very aware that sharks live in the ocean.  Ease their fears... The reefs off of Duck Key are a very safe place to dive for you and your family.

PADI scuba instruction in the Florida KeysNAUI scuba diving instruction in the Florida Keys

Dive Duck Key

61 Hawks Cay Blvd.

Duck Key, Marathon, Florida 33050

mile marker 61, US 1

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Call Us for Info and Questions at 305.743.9633

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